Transient: Inspired by Turkana

Broken Glass

The Perception of Value

"A little more" by Sitawa Wafula

Graffiti Installation

Uhuru B, Swift, Bank Slave, and Bhupi "Wise-two" Jethwa-Kenya's premier graffiti artists-came together as part of the Nai Ni Who Campaign to do what they do best-craft amazing graffiti murals along Nairobi streets.

327 Unreported

An exhibition by Jemimah and Clare at Kuona Trust about the rape crisis in Kenya. It's shocking with the intent to raise awareness on the pathetic state of rape prevention and treatment in Kenya.

88mph Promo

88mph is a space geared for tech start-ups. Berea was invited to a Google I/O event to capture the feel of the place

Husika Magazine